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O-Rings, Seals & Cord Stock

Our invaluable product knowledge, reliability and extensive vendor base provides the foundation for O-Ring and Seals distribution. Our unwavering dedication to fulfilling every order is met with a proactive attitude and results oriented approach to increase our customers’ efficiency.


AS568A-Dash No., Metric O-Rings, and Seals

We offer a line of seals and materials that provide for your needs for tight tolerances, high and low temperatures and aggressive chemicals. Our seals are available in many sizes, compounds and material types.

We can vulcanize most extrusions through our custom O-Ring department. Call for more information about our custom O-Rings, Seals and Cord Stock.
Spliced Rings

Vulcanization of extruded and precision cut rubber cord stock offered in a vast array of seal options.


Most commonly, we distribute the following types of O-Rings.

  • Nitrile (typically 70 or 90 durometer. Other durometers on request.)
  • Neoprene
  • Silicone
  • EPDM (glycol base)
  • Viton® 75

Cord Stock

IB Moore offers dozens of material compounds in hundreds of durometers and cross-sections, in-stock and ready to ship.  We work closely with our extruders to provide you with custom materials to meet your specifications.


Precision Grinding of Cord Stock

Customers with high precision tolerance requirements for sealing should consider spliced rings with ground cord stock.

Solutions in Action: O-Rings for Basket Strainers

PROBLEM: Replacement O-rings in basket strainers from OEM were very costly with long lead times.


SOLUTION: IB Moore took the initiative to help troubleshoot this issue by making a site visit and measuring the O-ring cavity. IB Moore resolved the problem with an O-Ring recommendation that eliminated the long lead time and saved the customer money.

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