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We supply all customers with the same level of quality and dedication. Whether we are working with wholesalers, distributors or end-users, we work with diligence and a sense of responsibility to achieve 100% customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest quality standards.


Kits can contain several items, even from multiple manufacturers, but are ordered as a single part reducing purchasing and engineering BOM complexity. They are packaged per customers specifications for compressors, coolers, pumps and more. Kits include but are not limited to o-rings, gaskets, molded parts, custom seals and springs.

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O-Ring Kits

We sell many different kinds of kits to offer a wide selection:

  • Standard O-Ring kits
  • Metric O-Ring kits
  • Splicing kits (for making custom size O-Rings in the field)
  • Quad Ring kits
  • Custom kits

Standard kits utilize the following materials:

  • Buna 70 and 90
  • Viton 75 and 90
  • Silicone
  • Neoprene
  • Others

Solutions in Action: Kits

PROBLEM: Customer needed to reduce the lead time for processing Kit Request for multiple compressor rebuilds at a specific plant.


SOLUTION: IB Moore inventoried Pre-Packaged Kits, for next day delivery to minimize plant down time on compressor repairs.

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