IB Moore Manufacturing Hoses Lexington Kentucky

Hoses, Hose Assemblies, Tubing & Fittings

Our hose, hose assemblies, fitting and tubing can be utilized with a variety of equipment. IB Moore’s attention to detail delivers assembled hoses and parts to customers on time and target.


We provide support for original equipment, quality hoses and fittings for hydraulics and pneumatics, industrial hoses for water, gasoline, air, food and beverage, marine, material handling, petroleum transfer, pressure washing, air conditioning lines, steam and more.



We stock Hydraulic and Industrial hoses.


Hose Assemblies

We offer high temperature protective sleeving and spring guards for your hose assemblies. The fittings can be attached to the hose by crimping, swaging, or banding.



We support a wide variety of tubing solutions. Our technical expertise allows us to supply the fittings, seal plastics, and other items required to synchronize with your tubing.  Most commonly, we sell the following types of tubing:

  • pure gum
  • clear plastic

  • PVC
  • thermoplastics

  • rubber
  • silicone

  • neoprene
  • urethane

I.B. Moore is proudly serving the local community, North America and customers worldwide.
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