IB Moore Manufacturing Custom Fabrication Services Lexington KY

Custom Fabrication

At IB Moore, we accept the challenges that our customers bring to us. We service a variety of markets with our expertise in the custom fabrication of industrial rubber products. When customers present blue-print specific requirements, we work to develop the rubber-part configuration, its dimensional tolerance and material call-outs to suit the design’s needs.


Spliced Rings

Vulcanization of extruded and precision cut rubber cord stock offered in a vast array of seal options.

Custom Fabrication Spliced O-Rings
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Custom Molded Parts & Rubber-To-Metal Bonding

IB Moore supplies custom rubber shapes from a variety of compounds for various applications. Customers send us their requirements, and we take it from there.

Liquid Castable Urethanes

IB Moore processes polyurethane rolls and shapes using custom formulated batches. The formulation selected is chosen to maximize application requirements. Various additives are used to enhance the desired physical properties of the end product.

Customers with high precision tolerance requirements for sealing should consider spliced rings with ground cord stock.
Solutions in Action: Problem Solving

PROBLEM: Specs were followed exactly for a computer printer customer, yet they had issues with rollers failing.


RESEARCH: Utilizing the same drawings, IB Moore investigated the issue and took a closer look at the material.


SOLUTION: Enhance physical properties of the urethane material to improve durability and include the new formulation in the specifications.

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