How Temperature and Pressure Affect Industrial Gaskets

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How Temperature and Pressure Affect Industrial Gaskets

Rubber gaskets play critical roles in almost every industrial setting, preventing leaks and safeguarding structural integrity. Gaskets are not all created the same, and their performance is influenced by temperature and pressure, among other things.

Our team at IB Moore manufactures and distributes tailor-made industrial rubber and elastomer products. Gaskets are one of our specialties—we know these quality products inside and out.

Temperature Affects Industrial Gaskets

Rubber is classified as viscoelastic because it behaves both like a solid and like a liquid, depending on its temperature. It can only be manipulated and strained up to a point before breaking – therefore, temperature significantly affects the material properties of rubber gaskets.

Any fluctuations can contribute to that strain:

  • Rubber becomes brittle and less flexible in colder environments, making it vulnerable to cracking.
  • Hotter temperatures can soften and degrade rubber, negatively impacting its strength and performance.

But when extreme temperature variations exist, rubber can succumb to thermal expansion and contraction. That puts industrial rubber gaskets under stress. Sometimes, they will lose elasticity, become misshapen, and ultimately fail.

Choosing Industrial Gaskets With Temperature Tolerance

When temperature fluctuations are common in industrial applications, selecting gaskets that can withstand the changes makes sense. We fabricate ones made from high-quality materials like:

  • Neoprene
  • Compressed non-asbestos
  • Silicone
  • Polyurethane

Industrial Gaskets Come Under Pressure, Too

Gaskets must also perform well under pressure since their primary function is to create reliable seals. When pressure increases beyond a gasket’s capability, it might fail. If an industrial gasket becomes permanently deformed, it will not return to its original shape and be ineffective.

The choice of gasket material is especially vital in high-pressure applications. We recommend compressible materials that conform to irregular surfaces and maintain their integrity, and ours adapt to mating surface irregularities and resist over-compression.

Can Industrial Gaskets Withstand Temperature and Pressure at the Same Time?

Cyclic temperature and pressure changes can subject gaskets to fatigue and loss of effectiveness. Gaskets made with materials that have excellent thermal stability and high-pressure resistance are more durable. We often recommend nitrile rubber and other materials, depending on the application.

Industrial gasket spec sheets indicate how these parts perform under different temperatures and pressures; the determination is known as the PxT factor. For example, a neoprene gasket might have a high-temperature limit of 300° and a maximum 300 PSI pressure. But if the maximum PxT for the material is 15,000, that gasket might not work.

All About Our Gaskets

IB Moore Company, LLC features top-quality gaskets for every imaginable application. We work with clients in various industries and can also create custom parts. Our staff can generate solutions through different materials and compounds – we have globally connected sources that give us unprecedented access. Those resources and our laser-sharp customer focus have earned high ratings for our specialty gaskets and service.

Our gasket materials come in many thicknesses, from thin paper to thick, durable, reinforced rubber. We feature ANSI Style Full Face and Ring Flange Gaskets that protect pipes and pipe fittings from leakage and damaging vibration. The liquid- and gas-tight seals are durable and reliable – we have short lead times to keep your project running.

We Work With Clients in Different Industries

We help customers select the appropriate industrial gaskets based on the specific requirements for the application, considering temperature and pressure fluctuations. Our solutions are based on interactions between the operational factors, environment, and materials. We work with maintenance professionals, engineers, and other clients and help them select the best gaskets for their applications.

Choosing the best industrial gaskets for the specific job is only part of the picture. Regular inspections and maintenance are the best way to monitor their condition and should be performed regularly, according to schedules. We recommend checking for:

  • Signs of wear
  • Deformation
  • Damage to the gasket

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