Custom Fabrication Makes a Difference

Custom fabricated rubber parts near Lexington, Kentucky (KY)

Custom Fabrication Makes a Difference

Adaptability, reliability, and precision are crucial in today’s ever-evolving world of industrial rubber manufacturing: The old-style, one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it with these technical applications, so custom parts fabrication plays a significant role.

At I.B. Moore Company in Lexington, Kentucky, our trained professionals develop rubber parts configurations that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

Precision Engineering for Industrial Rubber Products

Off-the-shelf rubber products might have different standards and uncertain levels of accuracy than custom fabrication provides. That is especially important for aerospace, automotive, medical, and other high-tech applications. Our custom fabrication and precise engineering meet the detailed specifications for these industry applications. This kind of meticulous attention to detail makes a difference; our fabricated products fit seamlessly into complicated systems and machinery.

Gaskets, seals, and O-rings are vital components in many industry applications, creating barriers against contaminants and helping machinery operate smoothly and efficiently. Since custom fabrication ensures that the parts conform to the proper measurements, they fit and perform as expected. They also accommodate specified temperature and pressure variations and can withstand chemical exposure.

Custom Parts for Complex Designs

Machinery and equipment in industrial settings are more complex than ever, and standardized rubber products might cause problems in these intricate systems. A machine might perform poorly or inefficiently with the wrong parts installed, but custom fabrication allows us to design and manufacture custom rubber components that match the requirements and shapes of those modern designs. They also contribute to better overall performance.

The Right Materials, Tailored to Your Specifications

Industries have different requirements for the durability and performance of rubber products used in their unique machinery applications. We consult with our customers and select suitable materials for the job, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, or other compounds. This flexibility in material selection is a vital advantage for our clients.

Here’s an example: Some of our parts are used in applications with extreme temperature fluctuations or harsh chemicals. We fabricate parts with high- and low-temperature tolerance and chemical resistance when the specifications require that. That goes a long way towards ensuring reliability and longevity in constantly changing conditions. Our custom-fabricated products are designed to withstand corrosion and pressure, too.

Custom Fabrication Saves Money Over Time

The initial investment for custom fabrication might seem higher than for standard manufacturing methods, but it can be more cost-effective over time. Since the materials and designs are customized, they are optimized for the specific industry application. Here’s how custom fabrication can save your company money:

  • Using optimized resources and materials reduces waste and the need for additional components, modifications, repairs, and replacements. Store-bought parts that don’t fit properly don’t last as long as ours and aren’t as easily replaced.
  • With standard manufacturing, extra material gets discarded. That can impact the environment and drives up costs. Custom-fabricated rubber products are created with minimal waste with an emphasis on sustainability. That helps your bottom line and can enhance your reputation.

We Offer a Variety of Compounds and Materials for Custom Fabrication

Seals, gaskets, and O-rings are vital components in many industrial applications, providing a barrier against contaminants and ensuring the efficient operation of machinery. Custom fabrication ensures that these rubber components are designed to precise measurements, with materials that withstand variations in temperature, pressure, and chemical exposure specific to each application.

Molded Rubber and Elastomer Parts

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship shines through in our custom-molded rubber and elastomer parts.

  • Custom molded products: Our team sources neoprene, nitrile, NBR, and silicone and will choose the appropriate material for your application. We fabricate insert molding, with integrated metal and other components added to the rubber mold for a strong bond. Ask us about rubber-to-metal bonding for secure adhesion between the two components for sound structural integrity.
  • Custom urethane products: I.B. Moore Company, LLC, has over 50 years of experience in urethane casting. We work with urethane materials like ethers, MDIs, and TDIs and have competitive pricing.
  • Rollers & roller assemblies: Our rollers, roller assembly, and wheel options will fit seamlessly into your machinery. These are made from urethane products, NBR, silicone, and other materials. You can rely on their tight tolerance and excellent abrasion resistance.

We Feature Custom Fabrication Products for Many Industries

At I.B. Moore Company, we partner with companies in many industries and manufacture products that meet the specifications and perform beautifully in the most trying conditions. We are an ISO 9001 Certificate holder with a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our custom-fabricated rubber products will keep your machines operating in top condition and can cut down costs. Contact our Lexington, KY offices for nationwide service.