How Static Straps Can Save You Money

How Static Straps Can Save You Money



In this article, I.B. Moore discusses static electricity and how our Static Straps can save your company money. Click here to contact us today for all your various industrial custom-rubber needs.


Static electricity is an electric charge that does not move; rather, it stays in one location. The static charge is built up when materials that do not conduct electricity rub together repeatedly. This includes insulated conductors and insulators such as rubber or plastics. While static does have some useful applications, it can be harmful in many cases. Static electricity when combined with electronics, for example, can result in damage to the electrical components of the device. The discharge even has the capability of igniting flammable gases and liquids by causing sparks, which can be disastrous. Antistatic products were created to help combat these issues and protect items that are sensitive to an electric charge.


Antistatic devices are responsible for reducing, dampening, or inhibiting electrostatic discharge. These products ensure that electricity is never given the opportunity to build up.  To stop the static, a conductive circuit of some kind is provided to distribute any electric charge present in a way that is harmless. This allows static electricity to dissipate and never encounter the sensitive object. These devices for neutralizing static serve a function in a variety of industries, ultimately saving companies money as it minimizes damage and reduces scrapped production quantities.


For those who handle electronics, it is a must to take antistatic precautions, as only a small charge can severely impair electrical components. When reviewing the number of electronics rendered faulty at the time of manufacture,  it was found that between eight to thirty-three percent of the products lost were due to static electricity. This issue has caused the destruction of products in the electronics and semiconductor industries worth five billion dollars annually. This is a costly risk that can be eliminated by workers utilizing a static nullifying agent. Electrostatic discharge not only causes damage to the electrostatically vulnerable objects, but it also leads to machinery downtime, warranty costs, lost man-hours, and returned products. Utilizing antistatic devices like static straps prevents these unnecessary expenses and saves your business money 


The I.B. Moore Static Straps consist of a carefully formulated conductive rubber compound that disperses static electricity to guard against items experiencing damage and needing costly repair or replacement. Our material properties provide for application durability and have a long-lasting capacity to withstand tearing, abrasion, and weathering. We create custom pieces in any configuration or length, in addition to standard sizes. 


I.B. Moore has recently invested in automated production capabilities to manufacture Static Straps in high volume and in a timely manner so that you, the customer, can receive your orders promptly and reliably. 


Click here to contact I.B. Moore today.  We have over 50 years of experience and can help you with any of your various industrial rubber needs. In addition to our Static Straps, we also supply O-rings, Gaskets, static-dissipating Rollers, Hose, Tubing, Kits, custom-spliced Rings, and many more custom-molded Urethane and Rubber Products. We are conveniently located in Lexington, Kentucky, proudly serving the surrounding areas with easy access to major transportation hubs with unparalleled access to all the United States and internationally.  


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By: Gil Felhoelter, Sales Manager, I.B. Moore Company, LLC.