IB Moore specializes in custom molded polyurethane dunnage parts. These parts are essential for functional use on custom metal-framed dunnage racks for shipping and WIP material handling for the automotive industry. These uniquely designed racks which utilize dunnage parts protect products, maximize payload, and provide cost savings. Dunnage parts can be urethane cast with or without metal inserts. The advantages of our custom-molded urethane materials include cushioning of products while being held firmly in place, protection of painted surfaces, abrasion resistance, vibration dampening, and range of hardness. IB Moore technical service representatives can help select a dunnage material, make prototypes, and scale up to production quantities. 

Cast Urethane Solutions

IB Moore manufactures urethane parts and products used in industries worldwide. We provide liquid-cast polyurethane solutions for high and low-volume manufacturing production, using high-performance resins, curatives and additives formulated for optimal hardness and properties. This is possible through various manufacturing processes which employ state-of-the-art technology at each processing step. With experience in highly customized products, we welcome complicated projects and difficult applications.

Urethane Dunnage Parts

IB Moore urethane dunnage parts are ideal for the manufacturing and shipping industries because they provide excellent vibration protection, paint protection, and stacking ability. These custom-made parts provide maximum cushioning protection for delicate products along production assembly lines and during transport. Studies show that urethane dunnage parts are a much-needed protection for delicate products. These parts also help to keep awkwardly shaped products in fixed position during manufacturing processes, and transportation.

Urethane Dunnage Solutions

IB Moore’s custom-molded urethane dunnage solutions include:

  • Rack protection, preventing metal-to-metal contact
  • Encapsulated urethane steel door brackets
  • Urethane mounts/engine racks
  • Non-marking protection during racking, assemble, and shipping
  • Low-volume prototype and high-volume production runs
  • Expedited turnaround 


Valuable products, such as door panels, windshields, and shock absorbers, need protection from damage for safe storage and transport of product. IB Moore is your source for ensuring that products arrive safe and secure to their destination, whether transporting them across the factory floor for assembly, or for delivery across the world. 

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