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Roller Assemblies

I.B. Moore is widely known as an industry leader for Roller Assemblies (Urethane and Rubber). We specialize in small scale rollers for printing sorting and dispensing devices. We formulate, test, and mold materials in-house at our facility in Lexington, Kentucky. We are accustomed to working with both large and small volume manufacturers.

Please send your inquiry or specs to Dean Jones at or call at 859-255-5501 ext.228


Roller Recovering

Roller Recovering is the stripping of worn out coatings from your industrial rollers and replacing them with more durable materials. It is a very cost effective way for your business to maintain your machinery's obtimum performance. I.B. Moore works with many companies to provide a Just-In-Time program for roller replacement. Please contact Dean Jones to find out how we can help.

Contact Dean Jones to discuss setting up a program for your business: or call at 859-255-5501 ext.228


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